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The result of an agreement with Miral, the company that manages the development of Yas Island, along with a number of other large projects, SeaWorld will help double to 48 million the number of Yas Island visitors by SeaWorld announced that it will be its first park with no orcas, and without emblematic shows of Shamu, it will instead have a rescue, rehabilitation and research center on marine life — the first in the UAE — with resources and facilities for the care and conservation of the local marine fauna and flora, a world-class aquarium with the most advanced technologies to engage the visitor, and it will entertain guests with an expanded thrill ride mix. With this Asian initiative finally a different promising chapter starts in the painful story of regeneration of the company, a story that we have been following step by step with our magazine since a whale in captivity at SeaWorld Orlando killed its trainer in thus kicking off a long legal battle with Occupational Safety and Health Administration, with obvious consequences on the image of the SeaWorld parks. Despite its efforts to save its image, for a long time SeaWorld, because of the orca issue, was unable to tell its true story of love for marine mammals, rescues and recovery of injured and beached animals, as well as research and education of the public to the knowledge of animals. The turning point that started to change the consumer perception of the brand took place in March when the company, led by CEO Joel Manly sincebegan a partnership with HSUS, the largest US organization for the defense and protection of animals and decided with great sadness to end its orca breeding program, and its iconic Shamu shows, the primary elements on which the company had built its brand, thus blowing up its business model. New rides, shows and other experiences are a way to redefine the company and bring back its customers.


In questo aggiornamento settimanale vi proponiamo la nostra intervista alla gestrice di New Paradise City , un nuovo esplorazione sui Cosplay e la scheda di Hogwarts Gdr Mystery. Buona lettura! Questa settimana vi proponiamo la nostra Atrio of Fame basata sui giochi affinché hanno avuto il maggior numero di visualizzazioni di pagina uniche. Pubblicato addirittura un sondaggio su Lucca comics and Games Alla prossima! Questa settimana intervistiamo la gestione del play by chat Ignis Fatuus Gdr , pubblichiamo un nuovo sondaggio sui giochi di ruolo cartacei e la scheda del Larp Il Gioco di Momos. Alla prossima settimana! In questo aggiornamento vi proponiamo l'intervista al gestore del play by chat fantascientifico con i robottoni Anima e un nuovo sondaggio "animalista"! Questa settimana vi proponiamo l'intervista alla gestione del peculiare gdr Island Artist e un nuovo sondaggio.

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Non necessariamente. Non basta il potere generale a rendere Silver Surfer badass, come non basta la forza a dare la Cosa badass. Gli eroi badassi sono, semplicemente, i più grandi FdP scalciacooli in circolazione.

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